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2009 AAMAS Workshop on Agents and Data Mining Interaction

A draft of  Workshop Program is published.

Reminder: Workshop Date
Monday 11 May 2009


 ADMI-2009 publications to appear in LNCS/LNAI post-proceedings
Springer formally approved ADMI-09 post-proceeding by LNCS/LNAI. Revised papers and invited papers will be included in the proceedings.


Invited Talk


Agents and Data Mining in Bioinformatics: joining data gathering and automatic annotation with classification and distributed clustering.
Ana Lucia C. Bazzan, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul  -  Instituto de Informatica

Knowledge-Based Reinforcement Learning
Daniel Kudenko, Department of Computer Science, University of York

Accepted Papers

Accepted papers

  1. "Concept Learning For Achieving Personalized Ontologies: An Active Learning Approach", by Murat Sensoy and Pınar Yolum.
  2. "Analyzing data from sponsored search markets from an agent-based and complex systems perspective", by Valentin Robu, Han La Poutré and Sander Bohte.
  3. "A Self-Organized Multiagent System for Intrusion Detection", by E.J. Palomo, E. Dominguez, R.M. Luque, and J. Munoz
  4. "A sequence mining method to predict the bidding strategy of trading agents", by Vivia Nikolaidou and Pericles Mitkas
  5. "Towards Cooperative Predictive Data Mining in Competitive Environments", by Viliam Lisý, Michal Jakob, Petr Benda, Štepán Urban and Michal Pechoucek
  6. "Agent Assignment for Process Management: Pattern Based Agent Performance Evaluation", by Stefan Jablonski and Ramzan Talib
  7. "Auto-Clustering using Particle Swarm Optimization and Bacterial Foraging", by Jorge Cordero, Yifeng Zeng and Jakob Rutkowski
  8. "Improving agent bidding in Power Stock Markets through a data mining enhanced agent platform", by Anthony C. Chrysopoulos, Andreas L Symeonidis and Pericles A. Mitkas
  9. "Enhancing agent intelligence through data mining: a power plant case study", by Christina Athanasopoulou and Vasilis Chatziathanasiou
  10. "Agent-enriched data mining using an extendible framework", by Kamal Ali Albashiri and Frans Coenen.