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Accepted Papers

29 Raz Lin, Eliyahu Khalastchi and Gal Kaminka. Detecting Anomalies in Unmanned Vehicles Using the Mahalanobis Distance

8  Yong Yang, Dan Luo and Chengqi Zhang. A Multiple System Performance Monitoring Model for Web Services

10 Pedro Sequeira and Cláudia Antunes. Real-time Sensory Pattern Mining for Autonomous Agents

13 Martin Midtgaard, Lars Vinther, Jeppe R. Christiansen, Allan M. Christensen and Yifeng Zeng. Time-based Reward Shaping in Real-Time Strategy Games

15 Bastin Tony Roy Savarimuthu, Stephen Cranefield, Maryam Purvis and Martin Purvis. A data-mining approach to identify obligation norms in agent societies

18 Stephan Pech and Peter Goehner. Multi-Agent Information Retrieval in Heterogeneous Industrial Automation Environments

11 SANTHANA CHAIMONTREE, Katie Atkinson and Frans Coenen. Clustering in a Multi-Agent Data Mining Environment

30 Ted Carmichael, Mirsad Hadzikadic and Ognjen Gajic. Pilot Study: Agent-based Exploration of Complex Data in a Hospital Environment

37 Stepan Urban, Michal Jakob and Michal Pechoucek. Probabilistic Modeling of Mobile Agents' Trajectories

5  Mehdi Effatparvar. Pattern Recognation in Online Enviroment by Data Mining Approach

7  Jianxiong Yang and Watada Junzo. Wise search engine based on LSI

9  Zengchang Qin, Ying Ma, Guanyi Li and Yingsai Dong. Minority Game Data Mining for Stock Market Predictions

14 Chayapol Moemeng. Integrating Workflow into Agent-based Distributed Data Mining Systems

36 Dominik Schmitz, Thomas Arzdorf, Gerhard Lakemeyer and Matthias Jarke. Analysing Agent-Based Simulations of Inter-Organizational Networks

38 Dionysios Kehagias, Dimitrios Tzovaras, Efthimia Mavridou, Konstantinos Kalogirou and Martin Becker. Implementing an open reference architecture based on web service mining for the integration of distributed applications and multi-agent systems