The Seventh International Workshop on Agents and Data Mining Interaction

1. Obtaining an Optimal MAS Configuration for Agent-Enhanced Mining Using Constraint Optimization

Chayapol Moemeng, Can Wang and Longbing Cao.
2. Exploiting Domain Knowledge in Making Delegation Decisions

Chukwuemeka David Emele, Timothy Norman, Murat Sensoy and Simon Parsons
3. Toward a methodology for agent-based data mining and visualization

Elizabeth Sklar, Chipp Jansen, Jonathan Chan and Michael Byrd
4. Opinion Formation in the Social Web: Agent-based Simulations of Opinion Convergence and Divergence in Sub-Communities

Pawel Sobkowicz, Michael Kaschesky and Guillaume Bouchard
5. Enhancing Agent Intelligence through Evolving Reservoir Networks for Power Load and Settlement Price Predictions in Power Stock Markets

Kyriakos Chatzidimitriou, Antonios Chrysopoulos, Andreas Symeonidis and Pericles Mitkas
6. Pricing Analysis in Online Auctions using Clustering and Regression Tree Approach

Preetinder Kaur, Madhu Goyal and Jie Lu
7. Change Point Analysis for Intelligent Agents in City Traffic

Maksims Fiosins, Jelena Fiosina and Joerg Mueller
8. A Data-driven Approach for Resource Gathering in Real-time Strategy Games

Dion Christensen, Henrik Ossipoff Hansen, Jorge Pablo Cordero Hernandez, Lasse Juul-Jensen, Kasper Kastaniegaard and Yifeng Zeng
9. A Multi-Agent Based Approach To Clustering: Harnessing The Power of Agents

Santhana Chaimontree, Katie Atkinson and Frans Coenen
10. Data Cloud for Distributed Data Mining via Pipelined MapReduce

Zhiang Wu, Jie Cao and Changjian Fang
11. An Instance-Window based Classification Algorithm for handling Gradual Concept Drifts

Prashant Chaudhary, Gaurish Chaudhari, Sonali Rahagude and Vahida Attar