The Eighth International Workshop on Agents and Data Mining Interaction

  • Preetinder Kaur, Madhu Goyal and Jie Lu. A Proficient and Dynamic Bidding Agent for Online Auctions
  • Arman Noroozian, Mathijs de Weerdt and Cees Witteveen. Incentivizing Cooperation in P2P File Sharing - Indirect Interaction as an Incentive to Seed
  • Yaxin Yu, Xinhua Zhu, Miao Li, Guoren Wang and Dan Luo. A Probabilistic Model Based on Uncertainty between Topic and Term for Data Clustering in Dataspace
  • Wei Cao, Cheng Wang and Longbing Cao.. Trading Strategy Based Portfolio Selection for Actionable Trading Agents
  • Murat Sensoy, Burcu Yilmaz and Timothy Norman. Discovering Frequent Patterns to Bootstrap Trust
  • Xinhua Zhu, Yaxin Yu, Yuming Ou, Dan Luo and Chengqi Zhang. System Modeling of a Smart-home Healthy Lifestyle Assistant
  • Wenjia Niu. An Agent Collaboration-based Data Hierarchical Caching Approach for HD Video Surveillance
  • Ondrej KazĂ­k and Roman Neruda. Role-Based Management and Matchmaking in Data-Mining Multi-Agent Systems
  • Arjan Stoter, Simon Dalmolen and Wico Mulder. Agent-Mining of Grid Log-Files: A Case Study
  • Andreas Symeonidis and Pericles Mitkas. Supporting Agent-Oriented Software Engineering for Data Mining enhanced Agent development
  • Mahdi Azmandian, Karan Singh, Ben Gelsey, Yu-Han Chang and Rajiv Maheswaran. Following Human Mobility Using Tweets
  • Vladimir Gorodetsky. Agents and Distributed Data Mining in Smart Space: Challenges and Perspectives
  • Yifeng Zeng, Hua Mao, Fan Yang and Jian Luo. An Optimization Approach to Believable Behavior in Computer Games
  • Rong Pan, Peter Dolog and Guandong Xu. KNN-based Clustering for Improving Social Recommender Systems
  • Xiangrong Tong, Wei Zhang and Houkuan Huang. Subjectivity and Objectivity of Trust
  • Rui Henriques, Ana Paiva and Claudia Antunes. On the need of new methods to mine electrodermal activity in emotion-centered studies