ADMI 2014

The Tenth International Workshop on Agents and Data Mining Interaction

Call for Papers

The Tenth International Workshop on Agents and Data Mining Interaction (ADMI-14)
Paris, France, 5-9 May, 2014
ADMI 2014

Held in conjunction with Thirteenth International Joint Conference on AUTONOMOUS AGENTS AND MULTIAGENT SYSTEMS (AAMAS-2014)
AAMAS 2014

Paper deadline: 20 February, 2014
** The proceedings will be published by Springer LNAI **


The ADMI workshop provides a premier forum for sharing research and engineering results, as well as potential challenges and prospects encountered in the respective communities and the coupling between agents and data mining. The workshop welcomes theoretical work and applied dissemination aiming to: (1) exploit agent-enriched data mining and demonstrate how intelligent agent technology can contribute to critical data mining problems in theory and practice; (2) improve data mining-driven agents and show how data mining can strengthen agent intelligence in research and practical applications; (3) explore the integration of agents and data mining towards a super-intelligent system; (4) discuss existing results, new problems, challenges and impact of integration of agent and data mining technologies as applied to highly distributed heterogeneous, including mobile, systems operating in ubiquitous and P2P environments; and (5) identify challenges and directions for future research and development on the synergy between agents and data mining.

The workshop encourages submissions on, but not limited to:

  1. Agent frameworks and simulation platforms
    • Agent simulation platforms
    • Large-scale agent modeling
    • Formal frameworks and infrastructure
    • Interaction design for agent mining
  2. Active Agent Mining
    • Agent driven and enhanced data mining technologies
    • Adaptive mining techniques in general data mining concepts including clustering, classification, etc.
    • Active learning for intelligent data analysis
    • Agent or actor oriented analysis in social networks
    • Agent interaction protocols for distributed data mining and machine learning
    • Mining multiagent data/behavior
  3. Data-driven Agent Learning
    • Behavior modeling and mining for agent decision making, reasoning, learning and planning
    • Social computing for agent interactions
    • Opponent learning and mining in agent interaction
    • Ubiquitous intelligence, ambient intelligence and smart space
    • Computer game intelligence
    • Intelligent cognitive systems and preference learning
    • Domain knowledge mining and intelligence
    • Human-computer interaction intelligence
  4. Intelligent Agents for Big Data and Cloud Computing
    • Agent-based big data management
    • Agent-based communication for big data applications
    • Agent-based distributed big data analytics
    • Collaborative Decision Making using Big Data Analytics
    • Big Data for Agent-based Service
    • Agent-based cloud computing
  5. Emergent Agent Mining Applications
    • Agent-mediated e-commerce systems
    • Agent-based artificial markets
    • Trust and reputation in online agent systems
    • E-health and tele-health
    • Smart grid modeling and homeland security
    • E-education and intelligent tutor systems
    • Video games, computer games, and online games
    • Personal agents and recommender systems

Submission Instructions:

Please follow the Springer LNAI formats.
Papers are to be submitted through the EasyChair Conference System website EasyChair

Post-workshop publication:

The ADMI-14 Proceedings will be published by Springer-Verlag as a volume of LNCS/LNAI series.