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Rajeev Rastogi
Director of Machine Learning, Amazon, USA
Usama Fayyad
Chief Data Officer of Barclay’s Bank, UK
Sofus Macskássy
Manager of Applied Machine Learning, Facebook, USA
Huan Liu
Professor, Arizona State University, USA
Philip S. Yu
Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Rao Kotagiri
Professor, University of Melbourne, Australia
Warwick Graco
Senior Director Operational Analytics, ATO, Australia
John Sheridan
CTO & Procurement Coordinator, Australian Government, Australia
Brian Pink
Australian Statistician, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia
We are in the age of analytics. While "big data" is getting buzzier, the world is indeed becoming data richer, and more and more data-driven.

Bigger Data, Advanced Analytics, Smarter Decision, and Exceptional Future.

This annual Big Data Summit aims to be a top-level and independent annual forum for engaging and bridging the gaps between government, industry/business and academia in big data, data science, industrial transformation and data economy. The Summit creates unique platforms for industrial, government and academic attendees to communicate on big data and advanced analytics challenges, opportunities and collaborations towards promoting, building and shaping next-generation data science innovation, creative data-enriched government and industry/business, and analytics talent-focused education and training.

Every year, the Summit sees prestigious speakers from industry and government, as well as academia, across many different domains and disciplines, from Australia, Asia Pacific and global communities including leaders in the US. This is where you can network with peers and leaders with rich, unique and independent insights, thoughts, solutions and lessons, and to touch the base of fast-developing data and analytical field and business in Australia, Asia Pacific and the world.
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