2012 Big Data Workshop

  • About the Workshop

Big Data Workshop - Smarter Decisions and Careers in Data

Big data isn’t just a trendy catchphrase but a huge challenge for business organizations in today’s rapidly changing technological environment. A Career in Big Data may be of interest to you, and of interest to organisations endeavouring to meet their Big Data Challenges through quality people. Find out how you can benefit from the enormous insights advanced analytics bring. Whether you are working within a company requiring to unlock the value of big data, thinking of changing the focus of your career to enter the new and exciting world of big data analytics, or working in analytics recruitment. This UTS Short Workshop will help you gain a solid understanding of the incredible power of data analytics and the importantly the world faces a shortage of analytical and managerial talent that is necessary to make the most of big data in the information age.
Why Attend?
This program is particularly useful for:
  • Students of data
  • Data analytics job seekers and those changing careers and career focus to enter an exciting world of Analytics
  • Data practitioners in all market sectors working within a company requiring to unlock the value of BIG DATA
  • Executive managers
  • Recruitment agency staff and HR personnel

University of Technology, Sydney

In Australia, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is recognized as the leader in data analytics. The Advanced Analytics Institute (UTS:AAi), as a university research institute, has been working on building an international collaborative network across Australia, China, India, Europe and North Amercia, and a local big data Industrial transformation hub for innovation, education and services in data science, big data analytics, and data economy in Australia, Asia Pacific regions and globally.

UTS Advanced Analytics Institute founded and hosts the annual big data summit in Sydney since 2012.


Sponsors & Partners

Foundation sponsors: selected major universities, NICTA, CSIRO, governments, industries, vendors, professional bodies.

Keynote Speakers

Mr David
Mr Chami
Solutions Architect,
Managing Director,
Mr John
Mr Ross
Senior Business
Analytics Adviser,
Chief Data Scientist,
Dr Gary
Prof Longbing
Senior Director,
Debt Australian
Taxation Office