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Professor Longbing Cao
UTS Advanced Analytics Institute (AAI)
Title: UTS Data Analytics and Global Trends in Big Data and Careers
Advanced analytics techniques and solutions are increasingly being used by industry to drive productivity, transform business and upgrade competitiveness. Owing to its ability to provide companies with smarter decision making tools and solutions, advanced analytics is emerging as 'the career of choice' and 'a key driver of competition' for forward-thinking people and organizations. Already, a global shortage exists in Data Scientists and Analysts. This session will present an overall picture of the advanced analytics field including the challenges and opportunities of big data, the knowledge map, trends in data and analytics science in relation to application domains, the analytics-based decision cycle, and value and impact propositions.
  • Big data: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Careers in Big Data
  • Trends in Data Science and Analytics Science
  • Analytics at AAI
Bio for Professor Longbing Cao :
Longbing Cao is a Professor of Information Technology at the Faculty of Engineering and IT, UTS; and the founding Director of the UTS Advanced Analytics Institute (AAI).
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Dr Suresh Sood
Business Development Manager,
UTS Advanced Analytics Institute (AAI)
Title: Social Media Analytics and Careers
Social media analytics sources data from popular social networks (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter). The analytics helps decision makers to execute business strategy in an effective and timely manner. Listening to social conversations and discovering influencers in real time allows companies the opportunity to gain insights ahead of competitors and respond in a proactive manner. Cultural change is achievable by integrating social analytics into the workflow of regular business intelligence reporting. A 2011/12 Twitter study illustrates the psychological data available relating to the attitudes and behaviours of Australians by key city locations.
  • Analytic innovation through fusion of social network information and business intelligence
  • Growth in Social Media Careers
Bio for Dr Suresh Sood :
Dr Suresh Sood has developed leading edge courses and lectured for over a decade at UTS on the marketing implications of technology innovations. Suresh has previously held the role of Senior Vice President with Reuters and TIBCO Finance. His current research interest focuses on the impact of social media on the creation of iconic brands.
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Professor Longbing Cao
UTS Advanced Analytics Institute (AAI)
Title: Risk Analytics and Careers
While big data is becoming a big thing for more and more organisations, a particular challenge facing almost all organisations is to effectively analyse, detect and predict anomalies and exceptions in big data in order to implement early intervention programs and support evidence-based decision making. Advanced risk analytics techniques, solutions and case studies will be presented to examine challenging business issues.
  • Concept Map of Risk Analytics
  • Outlier Detection and Anomaly Detection
  • Risk Analytics in Extreme Environments
  • Early Warning and Early Intervention
  • Careers growth in Risk Analytics is evident.
Bio for Professor Longbing Cao :
Longbing Cao is a Professor of Information Technology at the Faculty of Engineering and IT, UTS; and the founding Director of the UTS Advanced Analytics Institute (AAI).
11.45 am
Ms Wei Wei
PHD Candidate,
UTS Advanced Analytics Institute (AAI)
Case Study 1: Financial Risk Analytics
i-Alertor and i-Educator are two risk analytics systems developed by AAI for online banking risk and student risk management respectively. The i-Alertor is an online fraud detection system with alert investigation management and post analysis functions for system management. And the i-Educator is a system for systemic analysis, early detection and prediction of students at risk in selected "killer subjects". This case study introduces these two systems to illustrate how advanced analytics technologies to be applied in financial crime management and educational data mining.
    • Financial Risk and Crime Management
    • I-Alertor system
    • Education data mining
    • I-Educator system
Mr David Pracy
Solutions Architect,
Title: Government and Big Data
This session discusses a number of big data analytics use cases relating to the public sector primarily focused on improving service delivery. The session also describe how practitioner expertise is in demand with examples of career opportunities. Governments worldwide are facing financial pressure and are looking for means to do more with less. There is strong alignment between the current big data analytics use cases in the private sector with the needs of the public sector to optimize service delivery. Big data analytics is a great opportunity for government to leverage the work being done in the private sector.
Associate Professor Jian Zhang
UTS Advanced Analytics Institute (AAI)
Title:Multimedia Analytics and Careers
In recent years there has been a tremendous growth in digital multimedia data generation owing to high-resolution video cameras, high processor speeds, the wide availability of massive storage devices and the advent of cloud computing. Careers in multimedia and media analytics have grown exponentially. Added to this, the huge and ever growing volume of multimedia data in online or in-house repositories, such as YouTube and Flickr has led to a much higher requirement for effective multimedia data mining and retrieval processes. This session covers recent advances and developments in online media and multimedia analytics. Keeping abreast of these trends will help your company to stay ahead of the pack.
  • Efficient search methodology for video content
  • Large scale multimedia data processing
  • Social Media online search techniques
  • Exponential growth in video and online roles
Bio for Associate Professor Jian Zhang:
Jian Zhang is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Engineering and IT and the research leader in the Multimedia and Media Analytics Program at the UTS Advanced Analytics Institute (AAI).
Dr Gary Issar
Senior Director,
Strategic Research and Analysis - Debt Australian Taxation Office
Case Study 2: Debt Collection Analytics
Debt collection and escalating debt have been a big concern in many organisations i.e. government departments and firms within the insurance and banking sector. This presentation illustrates the latest techniques that have been developed to assist organisations in collecting and recovering debts, and risk rating debtors on their likelihood of payment and their level of financial distress.
  • Overview of Debt Collection Analytics
  • Predicting likelihood of debtors paying their debt and likelihood of their financial distress
Mr Chami Akmeemana
Managing Director,
Huntel Global
Title: Careers in Data Analytics
Analytics is increasingly becoming a popular career of choice in what can be termed "the age of analytics". Data Scientists and analytics managers are in high demand within the market place. This session will outline the exciting range of opportunities available within the analytics field and discuss the prevailing trends in analytics recruitment.
  • The Job Market in Analytics
  • The Capability and Skill Set Expectations for Analytics Professionals
  • Trends in Analytics Recruitment
  • Prof. Longbing Cao Director, UTS AAI
  • Dr Suresh Sood Business Development Manager, UTS AAI
  • Mr Ross Farrelly Chief Data Scientist, Teradata
  • Mr Chami Akmeeman Managing Director, Huntel Global
  • Dr Gary Issar Senior Director, Strategic Research and Analysis - ATO Mr John Kershaw Senior Business Analytics Adviser, SAS
This Panel will seek to draw a picture of the past, present and future of big data analytics in various domains i.e. analytics education, careers in analytics relative to industry, business and government. The Panel invites questions and comments in relation to the challenges of big data and the prospects for big data analytics in Australia.
4.25 pm
Professor Longbing Cao
UTS Advanced Analytics Institute (AAI)
Title: Smarter Business Decisions and Careers – The Conclusion
A summary of the day which emphasises the way that data and business analytics and careers can be used by organisations to produce smarter decisions, the prospects for collaboration between industry, the government and academia, and the educational (i.e. courses and workshops) and consultancy opportunities available at the UTS Advanced Analytics Institute.
Bio for Professor Longbing Cao :
Longbing Cao is a Professor of Information Technology at the Faculty of Engineering and IT, UTS; and the founding Director of the UTS Advanced Analytics Institute (AAI).