Who Cares?

  • Speakers to 2014 Summit: You see world leading professionals are going to address the Summit in Sydney, including Dr Usama Fayyad, the Chief Data Officer of Barclays Bank, UK; Prof Mary O’Kane, the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer; Prof Herve Martin, the Head of Laboratoire d’Informatique de Grenoble, France; Prof Kai Lu, the associate chief of the world fastest supercomputer Tianhe-2 from China.
  • Dean’s Forum on Data Science: Deans, Heads of schools, Research Directors from Australia, China, France, USA, UK etc. are attending the Forum to debate on data science innovation, education and next-generation talent training.
  • C Forum on Data Economy: Listen to insights and debates from chief data officers, chief analytics officers, chief technology officers, chief information officers, managing directors, and partners who have been playing decision-making and driving roles in large banks, insurance, consultancy, government and business organizations in Australia, China, Europe, and North America.
  • 2013 Summit: Do you know, the 2013 edition in Canberra and Sydney attracted 250 participants from industry and government in Australia and globally?

Events & Activities

  • The 2014 Big Data Summit is going to be held in Canberra on 24 Oct 2014, and Sydney on 27-28 Oct 2014.
  • The 2014 Summit will host a Dean’s Forum on Data Science on 27 Oct 2014 in Sydney for deans, heads of schools, research directors, and senior researchers to debate about the trends, gaps, prospects and opportunities brought by big data and data scienct to existing scientific fields and systems, and learning and teaching systems.
  • A C Forum on Data Economy is going to be held on 28 Oct 2014 in Sydney for sharing insights, views and debates about next-generation data-driven innovation, services, and economy by c-level leaders from different domains and backgrounds, including CEO, CTO, CAO, CDO, CFO and CIO.
  • The Summit will also host a Big Data School on 27 Oct in Sydney, which will create a unique opportunity for senior academics, professionals and players to share the latest development of data science, big data analytics, and relevant applications through highly selected tutorials.

Reports, Whitepapers and Debates

Related Events

  • KDD2015 will be held in Sydney, the first Australian edition of the world largest data mining conference is expected to be a major event in the Asia Pacific region in 2015. The 2015 Big Data Summit will be co-located with KDD2015.
  • KDD2014 in New York City, which attracted 2300 registrations, with a majority of them came from industry and government.
  • 2014 IEEE/ACM Co-sponsored International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics (DSAA) in Shanghai
  • 2013 Big Data School on 10 and 11 April at UTS, Sydney
  • 2013 Big Data Forum on 11 April in Canberra
  • 2013 Big Data Summit on 12 April at UTS, Sydney
  • 2013 PAKDD Conference on 14-17 April at Gold Coast
  • 2012 Big Data Workshop at UTS, Sydney