Photo Gallery of Big Data Summit 2015

John Sheridan, Australian Government Chief Technology Officer & Procurement Coordinator, Australian Government

Warwick Graco, Senior Director Operational Analytics, ATO, Australian Whole-of-Government Data Analytics Centre of Excellence

Sofus Macskássy,
Manager, Applied Machine Learning, Facebook

Paul Toohey, Global Portfolio Director, Advanced Analytics, HP

Rajesh Parekh, Vice President of Data Science, Groupon

Pia Waugh, Director of Coordination and Gov 2.0, Department of Finance, Government of Australia

Brenton Cooper, Chief Technology Officer, Data to Decisions CRC

David Willingham, Senior Application Engineer – Data Analytics, MathWorks

Sang Kyun Cha, Director of SNU Big Data Institute, Seoul National University, South Korea

Balaji Krishnapuram, Director & Distinguished Engineer, IBM Watson Health

Stefan Mozar,IEEE NSW Section

Rajeev Rastogi, Director of Machine Learning, Amazon

Prateek Jain, Researcher, Microsoft Research

Partha Talukdar, Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Science

India Panel Discussion: Data science innovations in India

Wenwu Zhu, Professor, Tsinghua University, China

Hui Xiong, Professor, The State University of New Jersey, Rutgers, USA

Xiaolong Jin, Associate Professor, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Xiaoru Yuan, Professor, Peking University, China

Baofeng Zhang, Founder and co-leader of Noah’s Ark LAB, Huawei, Hong Kong

Jidong Chen, Risk Intelligence Director, Ant Financial, Alibaba Inc.

“Big Data in Asia” Panel

Longbing Cao, Professor,UTS, Australia


Presentation Slides can be downloaded now.
Thank MathWorks for sponsoring 2015 Big Data Summit.
IEEE NSW Section sponsors 2015 Big Data Summit, all IEEE NSW members are welcome to attend BDS2015.
The 2015 Big Data Summit received strong support from IEEE and ACM through its relevant task forces and chapters, and especially Chinese and Indian professional bodies and institutions.
HP sponsors Big Data Summit 2015
2015 Big Data Summit is co-located with 21st ACM SIGKDD in Hilton Sydney Hotel
“Big Data in ANZ” Forum will be held in the afternoon of 9 August 2015 in Hilton
“Data Science in India” Forum will be held in the morning of 10 August 2015 in Hilton
“Big Data in China” Forum will be held in the afternoon of 10 August 2015 in Hilton
“Big Data in Asia” Panel will be held in the afternoon of 10 August 2015 in Hilton
Big Data Summit 2015