General Support

The research on Behavior Informatics is partially sponsored by both research and industry grants on data mining, compliance, fraud and risk analysis, in particular experimental results, experiences and lessons learned in conducting enterprise data mining applications for industries and governments.

  • Australian Research Council Discovery Grants, eg exploring hidden group behaviors, impact-oriented behaviors
  • Australian Research Council Linkage Grants, eg exploring changes and evolution of behaviors, activity transactions
  • Banking customer behavior analysis, eg exploring online banking customer behaviors, money-laundering behaviors, and impact on fraud
  • Trader’s behavior analysis in capital markets, eg exploring abnormal trading behaviors, pool manipulation behaviors, and impact on market surveillance and program trading
  • E-business/e-commerce customer behaviors, eg exploring online payment customer behaviors
  • Teaching and learning behavior analysis for education, eg exploring student’s pathway and progression behaviors and impact on performance
  • Customer behavior analysis and customer-officer interaction analysis in public services, eg exploring activities and circumstance changes of social security customers and their impact on over-payments
  • Insurant’s behavior analysis for healthcare and superannuation, eg exploring medical provider’s behavior and impact on fraud, patient’s behaviors and impact on active customer management, and super customer behaviors and impact on active/lapse
  • Telecommunication customer behavior analysis, eg exploring customer/VIP behavior and impact on churn and market campaign

Ongoing ARC Projects

  • Pattern Discovery of Discriminating Behaviour Associated With Hidden Communities

  • Detecting significant changes in organisation customer interactions leading to non-compliance
  • Discovering Activity Patterns Driven by High Impacts in Heterogeneous and Imbalanced Data
  • Pattern Analysis and Risk Control of E-Commerce Transactions to Secure Online Payments