About Us
Data sciences and big data analytics are driving significant revolution in science, technology, economy, and academics. Data science represents the most attractive and potential area in not only the statistics, informatics and computing but also broad disciplines including the broad IT field, business, social science, health, and education currently and in the foreseeable future. Data science not only brings about transformative opportunities for scientific breakthroughs but also socio-economic innovation and reform, driving by meta-synthesizing ubiquitous intelligences and complexities in any data intensive domains including finance, business, science, public sector and online/social services. contributes to, but is not limited to, the establishment and achievements of the following objectives, activities and outcomes:
  • Data science thought leadership,
  • Data research and innovation,
  • Data science communities,
  • Data research networks and networking,
  • Data standardization,
  • Data policies and governance,
  • Data economy and industrialization,
  • Data profession,
  • Data education and training,
  • Data collaborations and communications.

  Vision & Mission aims to be one-stop information, collaborations, and networking portal of data science. It promotes data research, innovation, education, development, and economy by organizing and supporting a series of relevant activities and supporting and enabling thought leadership, knowledge sharing, engagements and networking, and collaborations.
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