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  • [July 2013] The Office for Learning and Teaching, Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research, Climate Change and Tertiary Education, awarded the EDM-UTS team a grant on Data mining of learning behaviors and interactions for improved sentiment and performance.

  • [June 2013] A new project approved on student admission data analysis for improving admission and intake strategies and performance by the EDM-UTS team.

  • [Feb 2013] Student dashboard project started to explore better ways for engaging and supporting students, connecting to social media and mobile services.

  • [Feb 2012] Our EDM team has completed two strategic LT projects for UTS; as a result, an online EDM system i-Educator is available for predicting students at academic risk.

  • [Nov 2011] Special Session on Educational Data Mining jointly with 2012 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (WCCI2012).

  • [Apr 2011] IEEE Computational Intelligence Society approved the IEEE Task Force of Educational Data Mining with the Data Mining Technical Committee.

  • [Mar 2011] Very positive feedback flows from various sources related to student service, quality assurance and senior executives about the student analytics outcomes in the third T&L grant.

  • [Dec 2010] Our third T&L grant is successfully completed.

  • [3 Jan 2010] The EDM-SIG has been recently updated.

  • [24 Dec 2009] The final reporting of the UTS EDM projects is ready for internal access.

  • [22 Dec 2009] New demonstration of our TL project (sign-in required – please use the guest account)

  • [Nov 2009] The Poster of the EDM-UTS projects is demonstrated to the 2009 UTS T&L Forum.

  • [April 2009] Two UTS Teaching & Learning grants have been awarded to support EDM.


Welcome to IEEE Task Force of Educational Data Mining

The IEEE Task Force of Educational Data Mining (EDM-TF) is with IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, Data Mining Technical Committee. The EDM-TF is maintained by the Advanced Analytics Institute, University of Technology Sydney, Australia.