EDM Topics

The following topics are currently investigated in the community:

Educational data processing and representation

  • Educational data acquisition
  • Educational domain representation
  • Educational data preparation
  • Educational data quality issues
  • TL behavior construction
  • EDM benchmark data

TL behavior analysis

  • TL behavior modeling
  • TL behavior pattern analysis
  • TL demographic analysis
  • Replication analysis
  • Plagiarism analysis
  • TL group analysis
  • TL sequence analysis
  • TL evolution analysis
  • TL history analysis
  • Mobility analysis

EDM social analysis

  • Educational social factor analysis
  • Educational psychological factor analysis
  • Educational pedagogical analysis
  • TL hidden network and its behavior

Performance, effect and impact analysis

  • TL performance profiling
  • TL cause effect analysis
  • TL intervention evaluation

Evaluation and validation

  • EDM evaluation methods
  • TL validation methods

EDM software and applications

  • EDM software and tools
  • Mobile computing EDM tools
  • Educational teacher support
  • Web-based EDM tools
  • Applications
  • Lessons