EDM Community




1. EDM-UTS Projects

2. DataShop

Conducted by Carnegie Mellon University, DataShop is an Analysis and Reporting tool

  • Video demo https://pslcdatashop.web.cmu.edu/about/case-studies/ken-geometry/
    Transcript (https://pslcdatashop.web.cmu.edu/about/case-studies/koedinger-geometry-script-for-web.pdf)
  • Concepts (in the context of education): learning curves and Knowledge component model (KC model).


  • Prediction of learning curve: Learning factor analysis algorithm
  • Measuring student proficiency, knowledge component difficulty, knowledge component learning rates => quantify learning process + predict performance
  • Identify hidden difficulties of knowledge components that may hinder student learning


3. LISTEN project (Literacy Innovation that Speech Technology ENables)

Conducted by Carnegie Mellon University, LISTEN project develops a reading tutor software that listens to students read aloud, and intervene when the students make mistakes or likely to make mistakes. It has a speech recognizer, and an intelligent pedagogical module containing DM patterns.

4. USyd Educational Data Mining project

  • ITS = intelligent tutoring system, used in formal proof subject. Students are given some rules called premises(A,B) and asked to use logic rules and formulas to derive a given rule called conclusion (C). This system records mistakes and correct steps.