The  hosts several global and regional activities that aim to build the data science community and promote data science research, collaborations, and development. These activities are jointly sponsored by different professional and commercial organizations, including major vendors, ACM, ASA, and IEEE.

  ACM ANZKDD Chapter

  • Join the oceanic data science communities

  Data science and big data summit

  • Want to learn the latest advancements and better practice?
  • Join the annual data science and big data summit.

  Data analytics book series

  • Write or request a book on data science?
  • Learn what is the book series on Data Analytics @Springer.

   IEEE DSAA conferences

  • Which is the most relevant data science conference?
  • IEEE conference on data science and advanced analytics.


  • Interested in behavioral, economic, socio-cultural computing?
  • Join the IEEE Task Force on BESC.


  • Interested in big data, data science, advanced analytics?
  • Join the IEEE Task Force on DSAA.


  • Interested in educational and learning analytics?
  • Join the IEEE Task Force on EDM.

 IEEE SMC NSW chapter

  • Interested in cybernetics and complex systems?
  • Join the IEEE SMC chapter in NSW.

  J. data science and analytics

  • Where to publish papers on data science issues?
  • Learn more about Journal of DSA @Springer.