Awarded data science courses

In 2007, the World’s first coursework master’s degree was created: Master of Science in Analytics, at the North Carolina State University [1]. In 2011, the World’s first research degrees in analytics were launched by this author at the Advanced Analytics Institute, University of Technology Sydney: the Master of Analytics by Research and PhD in Analytics [2], [3]. According to [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], more than 150 universities and institutions today offer some 500 general or specific subjects related to information processing, data mining, data analytics, and machine learning.


Of these courses, 78% are offered in the US; 72% are offered at master’s level, while only 7% are at undergraduate level, and 3.6% at PhD level. Of the various disciplines, 43% of courses focus on analytics, 18% on data science, 9% on statistics, and approximately 40% are offered in business and social science.


About 85% of courses are offered to deliver a body of knowledge in artificial intelligence, big data, data mining, analytics, predictive analytics, machine learning, business intelligence, visualization, computational modeling, information quality, and cloud computing. Few courses focus on analytics practice, project management and communication.


Several interdisciplinary courses explicitly focus on specific analytics and informatics, such as astroinformatics, behavior analytics, bioinformatics, biostatistics, health informatics, biomedical informatics, social informatics, medical informatics, healthcare informatics, and urban informatics.


Note: Excerpted from “Longbing Cao. Data Science: Profession and Education

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