Behavior informatics

The in-depth analysis of human behavior has been increasingly recognized as a crucial means for disclosing interior driving forces, causes and impact on businesses in handling many challenging issues such as behavior modeling and analysis in virtual organizations, web community analysis, counter-terrorism and stopping crime. The modeling and analysis of behaviors in virtual organizations is an open area. Behavior Informatics is a scientific field which aims to develop methodologies, techniques and practical tools for representing, modeling, analyzing, understanding and/or utilizing symbolic and/or mapped behavior, behavioral interaction and network, behavior patterns, behavior impacts, the formation of behavior-oriented groups and collective intelligence, and behavioral intelligence emergence. In essence, Behavior Informatics seeks to deliver computational technologies and tools for deeply understanding behavior and social behavior networks. In this sense, we also call it behavioral computing. As a new research issue, BI consists of many open issues that are worthy of systematic investigation as well as case studies from aspects such as behavioral data construction, behavior modeling and representation, behavior impact modeling, behavior pattern analysis, and behavior network analysis. Additionally, behavior measurement and evaluation, behavior presentation, and behavior use are very important topics. Moreā€¦