DSAA Conferences
The IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics (IEEE DSAA) is the only data science event that receives joint sponsorship and support from IEEE, ACM, ASA and IEEE Big Data Initiative, in addition to other sponsorship. DSAA has built its leading position and high standing in the data science and analytics community w.r.t. high profile core function chairs, prestigious keynote speeches, unique trends & controversies talks, high submission standard, very competitive acceptance rate, and multi-disciplinary and cross-domain engagement.
The IEEE Task Force on Data Science and Advanced Analytics (TF-DSAA) creates and fosters a trans-disciplinary research and cross-domain practice network that concentrates on the research & innovation, education & training, development & applications, profession & communities, and economy & future. TF-DSAA enables to build and develop the deep synergy between statistics, mathematics, informatics, computing, big data, data science, and advanced analytics. It supports IEEE DSAA and other relevant events.