DSAA’2016 Best Paper awards and Honorable Mention paper awards

In the morning of 19 Oct 2016 in Montreal, DSAA’2016 congratulated the following awardees for Best Research Paper, Best Application Paper, and Honorable Mention Papers.

Best Research Paper award:

David Anastasiu and George Karypis. Efficient Identification of Tanimoto Nearest Neighbors, DSAA’2016.

Best Application Paper award:

Daniel Austin, Sam Seljan, Julius Monello and Stephanie Tzeng. Reserve Price Optimization at Scale, DSAA’2016.

Both of the above papers received USD500 as honorarium.

Honorable Mention Paper awards:

Cheryl Flynn, Kenneth Shirley and Wei Wang. Deconstructing Domain Names to Reveal Latent Topics, DSAA’2016.

Marie Douriez, Harish Doraiswamy, Juliana Freire and Claudio Silva. Anonymizing NYC Taxi Data: Does It Matter? DSAA’2016.

Yifang Wei, Lisa Singh, Brian Gallagher and David Butler. Overlapping Target Event and Story Line Detection of Online Newspaper Articles, DSAA’2016.

Sihem AmerYahia, Eric Gaussier, Vincent Leroy, Julien Pilourdault, Ria Mae Borromeo and Motomichi Toyama. Task Composition in Crowdsourcing, DSAA’2016.

Hasan Kurban, Mark Jenne and Mehmet M. Dalkilic. EM*: An EM algorithm for Big Data, DSAA’2016.

Previous DSAA best paper awardees and other awards:

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