DSAA Topics

DSAA encourages research, education/training, development and applications on big data, data science, and advanced analytics, related to topics include, but are not limited to:

Foundations for Big Data, Data Science and Advanced Analytics

  • New mathematical, probabilistic and statistical models and theories
  • New learning theories, models and systems
  • Deep analytics and learning
  • Distributed and parallel computing (cloud, map-reduce, etc.)
  • Non-iidness (heterogeneity & coupling) learning
  • Invisible structure, relation and distribution learning
  • Intent and sight learning
  • Scalable analysis and learning

Information infrastructure, management and processing

  • Data pre-processing, sampling and reduction
  • Feature selection and feature transformation
  • High performance/parallel distributed computing
  • Analytics architectures and infrastructure
  • Heterogeneous data/information integration
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Human-machine interaction and interfaces

Retrieval, query and search

  • Web/social web/distributed search
  • Indexing and query processing
  • Information and knowledge retrieval
  • Personalized search and recommendation
  • Query languages and user interfaces

Analytics, discovery and learning

  • Mixed-type data analytics
  • Mixed-structure data analytics
  • Big data modeling and analytics
  • Multimedia/stream/text/visual analytics
  • Coupling, link and graph mining
  • Personalization analytics and learning
  • Web/online/network mining and learning
  • Structure/group/community/network mining
  • Big data visualization analytics
  • Large scale optimization

Privacy and security

  • Security, trust and risk in big data
  • Data integrity, matching and sharing
  • Privacy and protection standards and policies
  • Privacy preserving big data access/analytics
  • Social impact

Evaluation, applications and tools

  • Data economy and data-driven lousiness model
  • Domain-specific applications
  • Quality assessment and interestingness metrics
  • Complexity, efficiency and scalability
  • Anomaly/fraud/exception/change/event/crisis analysis
  • Large-scale recommender and search systems
  • Big data representation and visualization
  • Post-processing and post-mining
  • Large scale application case studies
  • Online/business/government data analysis
  • Mobile analytics for handheld devices
  • Living analytics