What Is Market Surveillance?

Market surveillance is to maintain and enhance the market integrity by monitoring the market movements as well as detecting any abnormal behavior and activities in a market.

Why Is Market Surveillance Important?

Market integrity is essential to the success of a market operation. It ensures that the investors can trade in a fair, orderly and transparent market environment. It can assist in higher levels of investment because of the improvement of confidence of investors in the market. To this end, market surveillance plays an essential role. All the market designers, regulators and investors can benefit from high quality market surveillance from a long-term perspective.

Why Focus on Analytical Techniques?

With the dramatic increase of frequency, quantity, distribution, and rate of market transactions and participants, as well as the evolution of market behavior, it is very challenging to undertake immediate capture and intervention on abnormal behavior. On the other hand, the identification of normality is equally difficult. Advanced Analytical Techniques such as Knowledge Discovery and Machine Learning, integrated with domain knowledge and human supervision, can demonstrate irreplaceable roles in handling such challenges.

What Are Benefits of Analytical Techniques?

In general, Analytical Techniques can play significant roles including but not limited to: