DSAA’2015 Service Award

As a very big surprise to DSAA’2015 audience who attended the gala dinner held in a barge moving around the beautiful Seine river, the DSAA’2015 Best Research Paper Award, DSAA’2015 Best Application Paper Award, and DSAA’2015 Service Award were disclosed as a truly secret and last-second surprise to the recipients and participants.

The DSAA’2015 Best Research Paper Award and DSAA’2015 Best Application Paper Award receive USD$500 sponsored by Prof. Ram Kumar Memorial Foundation. Each of the DSAA’2015 Service Award recipients received a bottle of fine French wine, plus complementary registrations to the next five-year DSAA conferences.


1. DSAA’2015 Best Research Paper Award

Luke McDowell. Relational Active Learning for Link-Based Classification
Best Research Paper


2. DSAA’2015 Best Application Paper Award

K. N. Ramamurthy, M. Singh, Y. Yu, J. Aspis, M. Iames, M. Peran, Q. Held. A Talent Management Tool using Propensity to Leave Analytics

Best Application Paper


3. DSAA’2015 Service Award

Patrick Gallinari. University Pierre & Marie Curie, France
Gabriella Pasi. Universita Di Milano Biccoca, Italy