Vocational Program for Talented Undergraduates

2017 Winter Program in Data Science and Big Data

The 2017 Australian Winter Program for Talented Undergraduates in Data Science and Big Data is now open for online registration and application.

The 2017 Program will cover broad aspects such as data science frontier and trends, big data technologies and applications, artificial intelligence, data mining and machine learning technologies and applications, robotics technologies and applications, social network technologies and applications, recommender system technologies and applications, business intelligence technologies and applications. Additional activities including university visits, excursion, and understanding Australian culture and society.

Applicants must register the Program online through http://edu-reg.idawise.com. Once the admission is confirmed, the system will generate “Australian Program for Talented Undergraduates — Application Form”, which needs to be filled online and signed by the applicant, the applicant’s parent or caregiver, or the corresponding university administrators.

For online registration and application, please click the program: 2017 Australian Winter Program for Talented Undergraduates, you can download the program introduction, and submit online application.

Introduction to the Program in Data Science and Big Data

Data science and big data have emerged as a major trend for promoting research and innovation, economy, and societal benefits. The International Institute of Data & Analytics (IDA) launches an Australian Program for Talented Undergraduates in Data Science and Big Data jointly with relevant Australian research institutions and professional organizations. This vocational Program aims to address the increasing job market need of next-generation data scientists, and create in-person experience and understanding for undergraduates about the frontier and future of data science and big data technologies, job markets, and culture, economy, and society in Australia. This Program is designed for undergraduates to proactively plan their study path and career, and to understand Australian research and development in the relevant areas, and higher education, culture and society.

Talented undergraduates in Year 2 or above are encouraged to join this program, which can be customized into two types: Short-term Visiting Program and Vocational Program with respectively tailored activities, agendas and delivery forms.

Intensive interactive activities will be organized for training next-generation data scientists and data analysts. The Program will demonstrate the state-of-the-art and best practices in data science, big data, and advanced analytics. The agenda consists of seminars, tutorials, conferences, workshops, visiting and excursions by senior researchers and experienced practitioners to demonstrate the latest technologies, applications, and trends on data science, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, visualization, robotics, social network and media, recommendation, and practices.

The Program also provides professional advice and recommendations about the selection of overseas universities and disciplinary courses and majors, as well as career planning. Activities for students to visit respective Australian universities, institutions, and companies, and to understand and experience Australian society, culture and economy will be arranged.

Applicants may include talented undergraduates in Year 2 or above with outstanding academic record. Both individuals and group-based registrations are welcome. The Program will be organized in Summer and Winter school break time, offering time can be customized per client requests.


For any enquiries about the Program for Talented Undergraduates, please contact education@idawise.com.