Our Activities
IDA hosts or jointly hosts different activities relevant to innovation and research, consulting and services, and education and training on data science and analytics.

IDA aims to build and support new initiatives in data science and analytics through setting up, (jointly) hosting and sponsoring special interest groups, task forces, chapters, and organizing workshops, and conferences.

  • New initiatives: including IEEE Task forces, ACM SIGKDD chapter, etc.
  • Professional activities: including big data summit, IEEE international conference and international journal on data science and analytics, etc.
  • Special interest groups: several groups were created to promote the research, knowledge sharing and collaborations on emerging topics.
Thought Leadership
Think tank
The IDA provides forward-thinking and strategic plan for enterprise and government, and for the institution innovation, development and services in next-generation data research, and industrialisation in economy and business. The Institute is connected to world leaders including the members in the Board of Advisers in the related areas. Some of our strategic planning services marked the very few efforts to government data industrialisation planning. The IDA hosts several special interest groups initiated to promote the research and development of domain-specific analytics.
Task forces
The IDA jointly hosts and supports several task forces and chapters, co-sponsored by IEEE and ACM respectively. These special interest groups, regional groups, and task forces cover critical issues and topics related to data science, advanced analytics, behavior analytics, financial analytics, educational analytics, as well as economic and socio-cultural computing.
The IDA regularly organizes, jointly sponsors, and hosts forums, workshops and seminars for creating and promoting engagement, knowledge sharing and collaborations in data science, advanced analytics, and big data by engaging industry, government and academia.
  • Big Data Summit is a major annual event in the Australian big data and analytics market and community, which bridges the gaps between academia, industry and government.
Professional services
Some of our affiliated members and supporters are involved in chairing and driving major professional activities in data science and analytics, including international conferences, workshops, journal editing, and book editing. The IDA jointly sponsors and supports the following activities in data science.
Analytics Clinic and Services
Analytics clinic
Often it is difficult for business to specify data-related business problems, recognize the value of data for improving decision-making and productivity, and to deliver appropriate solutions for processing and analyzing and discovering insight in data. The IDA offers a unique and personalized service: Analytics Clinic. You are welcome to take your data samples, data structures, and/or business and technical problems to our clinic. We will diagnose the problems and shortcomings in your approaches, identify gaps and opportunities, pave an appropriate analytical path and recommend suitable approaches for exploring your data, and provide prescriptive solutions for you from deepening your understanding of data, cracking the nuggets in your data, to lifting the awareness and capabilities of data analytics in your organization.
Consulting services
Very flexible collaborative models are negotiable and customizable for creating the most suitable consultancy for you, by addressing requirements and issues from pilot study to strategic engagement, from contract research to commercial arrangements, from specific business line to corporate need, and from data exploration to privacy preserving.