Showcases/Sentiment Understanding
Business Problem

Organization T is a government organisation that makes important policies for Australia. The department is keen to know the sentiment/response of the clients on the new policies. The decision maker is not very satisfied by a conventional questionnaire on public sentiment, which usually suffers from the lack of samples and thus an inaccurate observation.
Our Solution

Once a new policy is published, feedback on the policy is collected and consolidated across medias, including call centre, social media including relevant forums/twitter/facebook, and cases lodged in business information management systems. Sentiment analysis, opinion mining and document analysis techniques are developed to extract all the relevant topics, with sentiment indicators identified through text mining models, linked to the relevant policies. Furthermore, the sentiment spectrum is visualized for decision makers.
Deliverables & Benefits

  • Actively monitoring sentiment cloud
  • Visualising metrics showing the public response
  • Excellent interaction channel, and
  • Widening the understanding of clients through integrating public and private data