The 2017 Summit Highlights

  • Co-located with IJCAI2017
  • 20th – 22th Aug 2017, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
  • The 2017 theme: Artificial Intelligence & Data Science (AI/DS)
  • Three day event: AI/DS Discipline Courses, Big Data Forum, AI/DS Executive Workshop
  • World-class keynote speakers from global academic, industry and government communities
  • An independent, cross-disciplinary, cross-business and academics platform to bridge the gaps between academia, industry and government
  • The first forum in the Oceania region on big data, data science, analytics, and data economy, and innovation, established in 2012
  • International and professional leadership, sponsored by the ACM SIGKDD Australian & NZ Chapter, co-sponsored by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Mathworks, and Macquarie University
  • Co-organized by IEEE Task Force on Data Science and Advanced Analytics, IEEE Task Force on Behavioral, Economic and Socio-Cultural Computing, and the Advanced Analytics Institute at the University of Technology Sydney

20/8/2017, AI/DS Discipline Courses

  • World top leaders in AI and DS as lecturers
  • Global perspectives about major AI/DS disciplinary directions
  • The very frontiers and grand challenges of Artificial Intelligence 2.0
  • The very frontiers and grand challenges of Data Science
  • The first AI/DS discipline course series in the Oceania region

21/8/2017, Big Data Forum

  • The 5th Forum in big data, data science and analytics, and AI 2.0
  • High profile speakers from academia, industry and government
  • Advances in data science and artificial intelligence 2.0
  • Best practices in data economy and intelligence economy
  • Panel about Data Science: Scientific Revolution?
  • Panel about Data/Intelligence: New Economy Engine?
  • Meeting high profile leaders from various domains and regions

22/8/2017, AI/DS Executive Workshop

  • Designed for enterprise executives and managers who lead AI/DS strategies and portfolio
  • World-class industry and research leaders in AI and DS as mentors
  • The very frontiers of Artificial Intelligence 2.0 and Data Science
  • The global best practices of data and intelligence economy
  • Real-life data analytics case studies in government services, insurance, banking, capital markets, etc.
  • The vision and future of AI/DS and data/intelligence economy
  • Data and intelligence-driven industrialization, enterprise, productivity, and decision
  • Diagnosis of enterprise transformation and opportunities
  • Private meeting opportunities with world leaders, peers and practitioners
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