As Big Data, Data Science and Data Analytics are making rapid progress into mainstream business and social environment and public sectors, it presents both challenge and opportunity to organisations that continue to tackle with the complexities of harnessing the true transformational advantage. These practices offer to drive innovation, develop data driven strategies, gain actionable insights, and enable smarter decision making. This in turn provides the early adopters and practitioners with a clear competitive advantage to lead.

The 2014 Summit – Innovate, Act and Lead

Since the Summit’s inception in 2012, we are seeing increasing interest and investment within both industry and government in data-led innovation and enterprise, which helps to to deeply explore big data universe, invent data science, and better understand data impact on the data economy and industrial transformation in the increasingly competitive and challenging environment.

The 2014 Summit maintains our objective of creating unique and independent opportunities for bridging the gaps between academia, industry and government sectors, and synergize the momentum and value propositions in each domain for bigger data, advanced analytics, smarter decision and exceptional decisions.

This event aims to provide analytics professionals and those who engage in the applications of data science and big data analytics with a unique, independent and advanced platform to explore insights and solutions and lessons learned across industry, government and academia.

The theme of this year’s Big Data Summit is “Innovate, Act and Lead“.

The recent Whitehouse Big Data Report has rightly pointed out that the explosion of data and discovery, as a result of how we now communicate, socialise and conduct business, is changing the world. It is the exciting moment for executives who can find way to apply data science into their organisations, formulate new ways of operations and manage change.

The Big Data Summit is a three day event consisting of:

  • Big Data Forum in Canberra (Friday 24th October 2014)
  • Big Data School and Dean’s Forum on Data Science in Sydney (Monday 27th October)
  • Big Data Summit and C Forum on Data Economy in Sydney (Tuesday 28th October)

This truly unique Summit will assemble the brightest and the best of Big Data and presents an opportunity which we believe is too good to miss.

What can I get from attending the Summit?

  • 3rd annual Big Data Summit in Sydney
  • Over 250 valued delegates from Australia and overseas participated the 2013 Summit
  • Prestigious professional speakers and panellists from China, USA, UK, France and Australia
  • The data agenda: Challenges, trends and prospects
  • Latest scientific development in data and analytics science
  • The world fastest supercomputer Tianhe-2
  • Future of data science and analytics science
  • Data economy and industrial transformation
  • Competency, policies and processes
  • Data analytics case studies and showcases
  • Bigger data for smarter decision and social good

Who will speak to the Summit?

The 2014 Summit will present thought-provoking ideas, latest advancement, and hands-on best practices by more than 30 senior and global big data/data science thought leaders, chief officers, deans, heads of schools, researcher leaders and professors,  including Dr Usama Fayyad, Chief Data Officer of Barclay’s Bank, UK (former CDO of Yahoo!), Prof Huan Liu at Arizona State University, Professor & Director Herve Martin from Laboratoire d’Informatique de Grenoble, France, and the associate chief of the world fastest supercomputer Prof Kai Lu from National University of Defence Technology China, to speak and participate at this year’s Program.

Besides local and interstate delegates in Australia, you have chances to talk to leading professionals and decision-makers from China, France, USA and UK.

Who can benefit from attending the Summit?

The event will be promoted to the following audiences:

  • Analytics professionals and data modelers
  • Business decision makers and executives
  • Educational administers and instructors
  • Policy executives
  • Senior government representatives
  • Researchers (including research students)

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