Workshop on Behavior Informatics 2010

21-24 June, 2010 - Hyderabad, India

18 Understanding Human Navigation with Network Analysis
10 A System with Hidden Markov Models and Gaussian Mixture Models for 3D Handwriting Recognition on Handheld Devices using Accelerometers
4 Detecting Suspicious Access Patterns in Secure Physical Environments
19 Estimating Conceptual Similarities Using Distributed Representations and Extended Backpropagation
2 SAPMAS: Social Activity Process Modeling and Analysis
3 Generating simulated feedback through Prognostic search methods
9 Behavior Analysis of Telecom Data using Social Network Analysis
6 Semi-Markovian Representation of User Behavior in Software Packages
12 Mining of Reinforcement Learning Behavior in Information Searching:A Case Study of Academic Database Product Using
17 An Evaluation Scheme of Software Testing Strategy
23 Smart Phone: Predicting the Next Call
24 Event Detection based on Call Detail Records