Big Data Summit & C Forum – Sydney

Venue: Aerial UTS Function Centre, Level 7, 235 Jones St (UTS Building 10) Ultimo NSW 2007
(28th October 2014)
8:45am – 9:00am Registration
9:00am – 9:10am
Prof Peter Booth
UTS Provost and SDVC
Summit Welcome
9:10am – 9:20am
Prof Mary O’Kane
NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer
Opening Address
9:20am – 10:20am
Dr Usama Fayyad
CDO, Barclay’s Bank
Keynote Presentation :BigData, AllData, Old Data: Predictive Analytics in a Changing Data Landscape to Big Data, All Data, Old Data: Predictive Analytics in a Changing Data Landscape
10:20am – 10:45am
Dr Maria Milosavljevic
CIO, Australian Crime Commission
The Australian Crime Commission’s big data journey: past, present & future
10:45am – 11:10am Morning Tea
11:10am – 11:35am
Prof Chuanrong Li
Vice President, AOE, Chinese Academy
of Sciences
A New System of Earth Observation Data Sharing for Emergency Response
11:35am – 12:00am
Mr Michael Pain
Managing Director, Accenture Digital
Becoming Bold with Data Platforms
12:00pm – 1:00pm Lunch and Showcase
1:00pm – 1:40pm
Prof Kai Lu
Vice Dean, NUDT, China
World Fastest Supercomputer and its Application in Data Analytics
1:40pm – 2:05pm
Dr Maninder Bhatia
Best Practices of Government Debt Analytics
2:05pm – 2:30pm
Mr James Foster
Head of Marketing, SAS Australia
SAS Latest Frontier in High Performance Analytics
2:30pm – 2:55pm
Mr Ashwin Sinha
Director, KPMG
Delivering actionable insights through data analytics and social media intelligence
2:55pm – 3:20pm
Mr Dhinakar Gunasekar
Head Australia & New Zealand – Business Solutions Unit, Alliances & Technology Excellence, TCS
Innovation and Global Trends in Digital Era
3:20pm – 3:40pm Afternoon Tea
3:40pm – 4:45pm
Usama Fayyad
CDO, Barclay’s Bank
Cameron Meizer
Dr Maria Milosavljevic
CrimeCommission, Australia
Prof Kai Lu
Michael Pain
Accenture Digital
Prof Longbing Cao
C Forum : Data Economy: Next-generation Innovation, Economy and Society
Moderator : James Riley
4:45pm – 5:00pm
Host Summit Wrap Up
5:00pm – 6:15pm
6:15pm – 6:30pm
Dr Usama Fayyad
Prof Longbing Cao
Launch of ACM SIGKDD ANZ Chapter, etc.
6:30pm – 8:30pm
Speaker/Chair/OC Summit Dinner

This 2014 Big Data Summit on Tuesday 28 Oct 2014 will have two major sessions,

  • The Summit
  • C Forum on Data Economy

The Summit

This year of summit will see more than 10 keynote and invited presentations by world leading professionals, researchers and real-world players, which will cover broad big data analytics areas and domains including

  • The world fastest supercomputer Tianhe-2 and its applications in analytics
  • Government strategies, policies, and decisions about big data innovation, economy and industralization
  • Latest advancement in data science innovation
  • First-class practices in major banks for banking big data understanding
  • Hands-on experience in exploring the largest insurance industry
  • How advanced analytics save tens or hundreds of millions for government
  • How complex tempo-spatial satellite data is understood to instantly identify natural disasters
  • How social sentiment is developed and evolving in social media
  • What are the latest and effective solutions to sort out headaches from CEO and CIO in competing with major market players


C Forum on Data Economy

The C Forum on Data Innovation, Insight and Economy is a premier forum to catch up with the busiest and most powerful decision-makers in the data economy and industralization, including “classic” drivers such as CEO, CTO, CIO and CFO, and more importantly the emerging authorities including Chief Data Officer and Chief Analytics Officer, to catch up with their thinking, insights, plans, challenges and strategies.

At this C Forum, you have chances to talk to world leaders from UK, France, China and Australia about topics such as

  • Is data economy a new economy
  • What makes the next generation of economy and industralisation
  • What are the new business models, services, products and modes driven by big data
  • How traditional business such as mining or manufacturing industries can benefit from using big data analtyics
  • Where in the industry can benefit most from data-driven innovation and industralization
  • Are the government and industry ready for utilising significant hidden values in big data
  • What are the significant gaps in the decision-making processes for advancing data economy