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Welcome to the IEEE Task Force on Behavior and Social Informatics (BSI-TF). BSI-TF is currently maintained by the Advanced Analytics Institute at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia.


In tackling many real-world issues, such as counter-terrorism and fraud control, deeply and systematically understanding and analyzing human (group) behaviors and social behavior networks is one of key points for the successful problem-solving. For that, it is necessary to build methodologies and techniques for Behavior and Social Informatics upon traditional behavioral sciences and social sciences.


BSI-TF aims to foster a global knowledge portal about behavior/social modeling and representation, analysis and mining, impact modeling and measuring, as well as management and applications; and an international forum to promote and encourage high quality research and high-impact development on both positive and negative behavior/social network analysis and use for smart businesses and smart decisions.


BSI-TF is a place for your say about behavior and social informatics. Your comments and feedback are of most value to the community development. Please
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your questions, suggestions or comments. In addition, if your contributions have not been reflected in this community, please let us know.